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i-phiTM Innovative Partial Hydrogen Injection System

Improving the combustion in your diesel engines for a cleaner and greener burn is what our company offers to the trucking industry. i-phiTM(innovative partial hydrogen injection) is the only hydrogen injection system available with proven results that it improves diesel engine fuel efficiency.

Tested & Documented Results
i-phiTM has been in testing and development since 2005 by scientists, engineers, and trucking fleet owners who have documentation that our product improves diesel engine fuel efficiency and reduces maintenance. Thanks to our hydrogen injection systems along with the installation service we provide, you're able to start seeing results in your own fleet.
Hydrogen injection improves combustion when the proper amount of it is injected into the diesel engine. This results in quicker combustion because hydrogen is the purest combustible substance there is and therefore, a quicker burn is a cleaner and greener burn. You can get a complete discription of the technology at Innovative

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