Diesel Engine Fuel Efficiency in Niverville, Manitoba

Greater fuel efficiency means greater savings. The hydrogen injection system that Excel Playgreen Technologies in Niverville, Manitoba, offers provides measurable diesel engine fuel efficiency.

Measurable Combustion Improvements
In 1974 the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of NASA at the time) proved that fractional amounts of hydrogen showed measurable improvements in combustion. Till recently, the obstacle to overcome was getting the right injection to produce results safely, reliably, and consistently and that is exactly what i-phiTM is able to do to improve the diesel engine fuel efficiency in your trucks. 

The Science behind The Technology
Ensuring that we had a viable product that actually produced results, research scientists at the core of our design team were the ones to develop our product.
Though testing and development, every element had to be proven by science before it became a part of the whole that became i-phiTM.

56496351scaled303x198.jpgFuel Efficiency & Economy
Save money on your diesel engine fuel by 10% to 30% with Excel Playgreen Technologies in Niverville, Manitoba, hydrogen injection system that has the engineering, science, research and customer satisfaction behind them. We want you to feel confident in outfitting your fleet with hydrogen injection. Our final assembler follows lean manufacturing processes ensuring product consistency and delivery that will provide you with consistent results while meeting your delivery and installation timelines.

Our company has partnered with the best manufacturing and distribution companies across Canada and the U.S. to be able to provide you with professional i-phiTM hydrogen injection systems installation and service.

You Get Quality & Consistency
For fleet owners and independent owner-operators, Excel Playgreen Technologies is able to offer you the quality and consistency you expect. Following lean manufacturing processes, our i-phiTM partial hydrogen injection systems are assembled in accordance with high industry standards to provide the highest quality.

Science & Proven Results
With so many product scams that claim fuel efficiency, anyone would be skeptical about our product as well. However, we have science and proven results to go by. These diesel engine fuel efficiency results should provide you with the same degree of confidence that we have. 

Contact us to learn more about our hydrogen injection system that
provides great fuel efficiency in diesel truck engines across all of North America.