The i-phiTM in addition to fuel saving generates environmental benefits:

  • Reduced exhaust emmissions reducing NOx gases by 20%, Reducing GHG by as much as 50%, and Reduces Particulate Matter by 86%;
  • Reduces Lubricating Oil degratation thereby allowing trucks to operate longer between oil changes, due to the lower level of particulate matter getting into the oil;
  • Reduced Fuel consumption reducing the demand for fuel;

Additional Benefits:

With the i-phiTM installed on your truck you get longer engine life with a cleaner running engine, reduced DPF regen cycles because of a more complete burn of the fuel reducing the amount of unburnt fuel that needs to go through the regen cycle, and with less soot produced the EGR values stay cleaner and need to be replaced less often reducing operating cost and increasing the profitability of the truck.

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provides great fuel efficiency and environmental benefits in diesel truck engines across all of North America.